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Stand Up Paddling as if it were your second nature - flowing like the Ria itself, gliding through the landscapes of the Nature Park.

In synch with nature

Feeling like part of the landscape

An amazing 5km SUP licensed route in a protected area, between Cabanas de Tavira and Cacela Velha.

For Stand Up Paddle enthusiasts who have a passion for nature, seeking both excitement and safety. The practical component of SUP lessons at SUP HUT takes place in a specially protected area where tranquillity is guaranteed, as motorized boats are not allowed.

Barring exceptional tides, currents, or winds, the route is extremely easy, ideal for those who want to enjoy the magnificent landscapes, observe the unique fauna and flora of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, or discover the joy of stand-up paddling in beginner-friendly sessions.

During the lessons or by renting our SUP equipment, this route it’s also a fantastic option to reach stunning Ocean beaches in a fun and alternative way, otherwise only be accessible by boat.

SUPing in a Natural Park

The most important wetland in the south of Portugal – 17,900 ha of barrier islands, dunes, salt marshes, mudflats, a rich birdlife, and 65 species of fish.

No motorized boats allowed

They are prohibited throughout the entire route, ensuring absolute tranquillity and even more safety.

Safe and undemanding

Under normal conditions, it’s a 100% shallow water route with very moderate currents.

Three magnificent beaches to visit

Usually only accessible by boat: Praia da Fábrica (already considered one of the best in the world), Praia do Lacém-Mar, and Cabanas.

Views of classified heritage

Fort of São João da Barra and Historic Center of Cacela Velha (Fortress, Parish Church, others).

Two shores always insight

To rest, enjoy the scenery, or just stop at any time, whatever the reason.

Accompanied by a rich birdlife

Little egret, kingfisher, great egret, black-winged stilt, and little tern, among other water birds, are common in the area.

SUPHUT - Mapa Percurso - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle
SUPHUT - Mapa Percurso - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle

Default starting point of the route

Lacém Beach

Ideally and by default, the Stand Up Paddle route starts at Lacém Beach. However, exceptional conditions of currents and wind may require starting from another location. In such cases, we have alternative locations and will provide a transfer if the end of the route is different from the starting point.

Good access and parking

Accessible by a well-maintained dirt road with free parking available near the beach.

Good stretch of sand

Ample beach area makes it easier to distribute equipment and carry out the land-based part of the lessons.

SUPHUT - Percurso - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle
SUPHUT - Percurso - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle
SUPHUT - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle

Unspoiled nature

A wild lagoon beach, virtually untouched by human hands and of immense natural beauty.

Low visitation

A secluded and less frequented beach, located within the Ria Formosa Natural Park area.

Alternative locations

Regardless of the chosen starting/ending point for the route in the Ria, the entire route takes place within the Ria Formosa Natural Park area, off-limit to motorized boats.

SUPHUT - Percurso - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle

São João da Barra Fort

37°08’17.3″N 7°35’26.9″W

Embarkation on the sand strip in front of the fort, in Cabanas de Tavira. This starting point will be used on days when the wind prevents East-West navigation, allowing users to easily travel the entire channel in the West-East direction (Cabanas-Cacela Velha) with the wind at their backs. Pedestrian access to the location is available along Ria’s shoreline or via the Cabanas de Tavira boardwalk. Parking is available but limited during the months of July and August.

SUPHUT - Percurso - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle

Sítio da Fabrica

37°09’12.0″N 7°33’19.6″W

Finishing point of the route in case of prevailing westerly winds, with departure from São Julião da Barra Fort or Caiana Beach. On days with favorable and windless conditions, it can be used as the starting point of the route in the East-West direction towards Cabanas de Tavira. Entry into the water through the existing ramp, which is authorized for the activity. Parking is available on-site but subject to restrictions during the months of July and August.

Let yourself be amazed

Stand Up Paddle and Nature in all their splendor

SUPHUT - Aulas e Rentals Stand Up Paddle

Book a lesson or rent a board and paddle your way!

Safe Stand Up Paddling in sublime landscapes of the Eastern Algarve.